Consultation for individuals and couples who are considering adoption.

The jump from pursuing pregnancy to thinking about adoption can be a big one and couples aren’t always on the same page or timeline. Once the decision is made, the array of options is often confusing. Having worked in all areas of adoption, I can help you determine if this is the best plan for you to start or complete your family and which type of adoption is the best match for you. I can also help prepare you for home study or RFA (Resource Family Approval).

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Stepparent Court Investigator for Contra Costa and San Mateo Counties 

Adopting your partner’s child requires a low key investigation of your petition (Adopt 200). I am qualified to provide this investigation and write the court report for these two counties.


I teach four classes of two hours each which cover topics such as attachment parenting, handling lying and stealing, building a core sense of self, true self esteem, parenting children with gaps between their chronological and developmental ages, and talking to children about their (sometimes difficult) history. These can be used for required training hours for fost/adopt.

Adoption Service Provider 

Recognized by the State of California as an A.S.P., I am qualified to work with birth parents in the independent adoption process, to advise and to sign placement documentation. Please note that I am not a facilitator and do not find children for parents. Once you have matched with an expectant mother, though, I am authorized to do this work required by the state. 

Counseling/support for expectant parents who are considering placing a child for adoption. 

No one should have to make this difficult decision without support. In a warm and neutral way, I help you consider your options and provide a safe and confidential place for you to feel and express all of the many feelings you may be experiencing.

Counseling for adopted adults and teens 

A safe place to explore your history and feelings about being adopted and your sometimes complex relationships with family members. Emotional support for those considering or already involved in search and reunion.

Consultation for professionals 

Sometimes your work as therapists, social workers, teachers or attorneys may unexpectedly touch on adoption and you may find that you need help with nuances or technicalities. I am available to assist with information and guidance.

Coaching/mentoring/support for adoptive parents 

Raising children is tough and raising those who have experienced trauma and loss adds a whole new dimension. Advice from friends and family is not always helpful and regular parenting techniques that work with other children are often not effective, leaving everyone feeling frustrated and discouraged. I will help you figure out what is happening in your family and together we will create a new plan that will address the needs of your child and support you as individuals and as parents.

Devon Rubin, LCSW, Adoption Counseling/Coaching

Having worked with hundreds of adoptive families over more than twenty years, I have come to believe that in most cases, and with proper support and guidance, parents are the primary healing agents for traumatized children. Rather than adding yet another adult directly into the mix, I work to help deepen and strengthen attachment between parent and child, which is the basis for all positive change in children’s lives. 

Devon Rubin, LCSW Adoption Counseling/Coaching,  Devon Rubin, LCSW Decision to Adopt Consultation