About Devon Rubin

License# LCS12058

 With over 20 years working in adoption, I hear repeatedly how difficult it is to find an adoption competent therapist. Competency is crucial for successful outcomes especially when children have experienced trauma. In most cases, a loving parent is the most healing influence in a child's life but parents need support and guidance to know how to effectively respond to difficult behaviors and other challenges that come with raising adopted children. During therapy, children's behavior often worsens and parents need extra support at this time. Parents' connection to the child must always be primary, with professionals helping to strengthen that bond.


My specialty is short-term, intermittent face-to-face contact to train, emotionally support, and guide adoptive and foster parents. I work cooperatively with therapists who treat children directly to coordinate our work. My specialty is enhancing attachment and helping parents respond appropriately to the developmental age of the child.


I have worked with hundreds of adoptive families in fost/adopt, international, independent, and stepparent adoption in the Bay Area. I provide consultation to individuals and couples who are considering adoption to help determine the type of adoption that best suits them. My practice also serves birth parents and adult adopted persons.